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Environmentally Friendly Printers and Multifunction Devices (DE-UZ 219)

Office Equipment, Printer, Copier, Multifunction Devices

Lots of functions, sustainable and transparent

Printers and multifunction devices are complex devices with a diverse range of functions and are used on a daily basis in both a private and work environment. Devices certified with the Blue Angel fulfil requirements that are being gradually expanded and also made more stringent up to 2025. This includes criteria to ensure that the contribution made by these electrophotographic devices to the pollution of indoor air with ultra-fine particles in the workplace or at home is kept at a particularly low level and gradually reduced over time. In addition, the devices must comply with strict requirements with respect to the selection of materials and the recyclable design of the products. The criteria for the selection of materials in the devices also stipulate that a minimum level of recycled plastic must be used. Low-pollutant materials must also be used in the plastic parts to reduce the impact on the environment and the risks to human health. Furthermore, these devices have a low energy consumption and thus make a significant contribution to climate protection. Last but not least, those companies who sell printers and multifunction devices certified with the Blue Angel are also obligated to gradually fulfil ambitious social standards during the production process and comply with due diligence requirements in the supply chains for conflict materials by 2024 at the latest.