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Formulation and further development of the technical criteria.


The specialist department III 1.3 at the German Environment Agency (UBA) is responsible for answering all general questions about the environmental labelling of products and services and specifically for those dealing with the Blue Angel ecolabel. Furthermore, it acts as the office of the Environmental Label Jury and thus supports the work of the non-salaried jury.

The German Environment Agency receives all proposals for new environmental labels (so-called "new proposals"). The new proposals are presented by the German Environment Agency together with a specialist evaluation to the Environmental Label Jury for a decision. The Environmental Label Jury selects those product groups that are particularly suitable and returns them to the German Environment Agency for closer examination in the form of an investigative order. Once the required investigations have been completed, the German Environment Agency develops proposals for the specialist criteria that the product or service will need to fulfil to be awarded the environmental label. These award criteria are then discussed in the subsequent expert hearing that includes representatives from all relevant social groups: On the one hand, the criteria need to set strict standards, while on the other hand it is also important that they can actually be implemented in practice. The catalogue of criteria (Basic Award Criteria) are then presented to the Environmental Label Jury for ratification together with a proposal on the period of validity, the circumscription around the logo and its allocation to a particular protection goal.

In the case of existing environmental labels, the German Environment Agency has the task of reviewing the specialist criteria at regular intervals and further developing the environmental label. The German Environment Agency presents the revised award criteria to the Environmental Label Jury for ratification.


Specialist Department III 1.3 "Ecodesign, Eco-Labelling and Environmentally friendly Procurement"

Postfach 1406, 06813 Dessau-Roßlau

Contact person


Dr. Johanna Wurbs

German Environment Agency
Phone: +49 (0)340 2103 3375
  • Head of the "Ecodesign, Eco-Labelling and Environmentally friendly Procurement"
  • Head of the Office of the Environmental Label Jury within the German Environment Agency
  • Contact with international eco-labelling activities
Janine Braumann

Janine Braumann

German Environment Agency
+49 (0)340 2103 3705
  • Public relations activities promoting the "Blue Angel" eco-label
  • Assistance to the Jury chair in preparing position and background papers on the Blue Angel eco-label
  • Preparation of talks and media contacts of the Jury chair
  • Products: shipdesign

Dr. Frank Brozowski

German Environment Agency
+49 (0)340 2103 3012

  • Building and living: products made of wood/wood based materials (furniture, parquet, slatted frames ect.), low-emission composite panels, elastic floor coverings, textile floorcoverings, floor coverings, panels and doors for interiors made of wood and wood-based materials, flooring underlays (impact sound insulation)

Dagmar Huth

German Environment Agency
+49 (0)340 2103 3678

Angela Kohls

German Environment Agency
+49 (0)340 2103 3675
  • Energy use: wood-pellet stoves, wood chips, stoves for wood, wood pellet boilers and wood chips boilers, energy services provided under guaranteed energy savings contracts
  • Sanitary and hygiene products: sanitary additives, flushing-water additives
  • Building: construction machinery
  • Traffic: municipal vehicles, buses, replacement catalytic converters, e-bikes, car sharing
  • Household: hair dryers, artists colours
Elke Kreoswki

Elke Kreowski

German Environment Agency
+49 (0)340 2103 3703

  • Electronic devices: energy-saving lamps, solar-powered products, Digital cordless Phone, data shredders
  • Energy production: solar panels
  • Business: hot-air hand driers, towel roll systems, wet cleaning services, glass recycling containers, movement area de-icers for airfields, reusable cup systems, returnable transportation packagings
  • Gardening and landscaping: garden tools, environmentally friendly plant containers
  • Household: winter abrasives, flushing boxes, pipe cleaners, toys, disposable diapers
  • General inquiries about the eco-label and its logo

Anke Oehm

German Environment Agency
+49 (0)340 2103 3129
  • Building and living: wall paints, sealants, upholstery leathers, upholstered furniture, low emission floor-covering adhesives and other covering materials, low-solvent roof coatings and bitumen adhesives, approval testing of preservatives
Kristin Stechemesser

Dr. Kristin Stechemesser

German Environment Agency
+49 (0)340 2103 2666
  • Household: shoes and textiles
  • Contact for the EU Ecolabel
Personen Defaultbild, UBA

Bettina Uhlmann

German Environment Agency
+49 (0)30 - 8903 5747
  • paper and printing: graphic paper and cardboard made from 100% waste paper (recycled paper and cardboard, finished products made from recovcered paper, recycled cardboard, printing and publication paper made primarily from waste paper, printed matters
  • drugstore: hand dishwashing detergents and hard surface cleaners, dishwasher detergents, laundry detergent, shampoos, shower gels and soaps
  • Business: non-toxic pest control and prevention, thermal processes to control ligniperdous insects, biodegradable lubricants and hydraulic fluids
Susanne Spies

Susanne Spies

German Environment Agency
Phone: +49 (0)340 2103 2158

  • Business: products made from recycled plastics
  • Office: writing utensils and stamps
  • Household: environmentally vacuum ceaner bags
  • Proposals for the developement of new criteria
Personen Defaultbild, UBA

Kerim Zaidi

German Environment Agency
+49 (0)340 2103 2935
  • ICT: office equipment with printing function, remanufactured toner modules, set-top boxes, router, telephone systems, voice over IP, take back schemes for mobile phones, server and data storage products
  • business: data center operation, climate-friendly colocation data center
  • household: electric kettles, coffee machine, toasters, vakuum cleaners, power strip with master/slave switching, energy meters, baby monitors, energy-efficient and water-saving hand-held and overhead shower heads