Environmentally friendly offices

Environmentally friendly offices

Make your office more environmentally friendly and purchase environmentally conscious products. To transform your office into a “green office”, pay special attention to, for example, energy efficient office technology, resource-conserving office materials and low-emission office equipment. Environmental protection in the office and environmentally friendly products do not automatically mean increased costs. In fact, environmentally friendly procurement can even help you to save costs over the entire life cycle of the products.

The Blue Angel helps you to make environmentally friendly purchasing decisions in a variety of different sectors.

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Office furniture

Protecting resources using recycled paper

Recycled paper is suitable for almost every application whether for a printer or photocopier or as writing paper or kitchen rolls. The Blue Angel environmental label guarantees that 100% of the paper fibres are from recovered paper. This preserves our forests because it is not necessary to cut down any trees and ensures valuable habitats are retained for animals and plants. 100% recycled paper also has the edge when it comes to its environmental impact: the manufacturing process for these products saves around 70% of the water and 60% of the energy in comparison to virgin fibre paper. The Blue Angel ecolabel also guarantees that no harmful chemicals or optical brighteners are added during the production of the paper.

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Environmentally friendly and low-emission printing

Office equipment certified with the Blue Angel have especially low emissions, are durable, have low energy consumption and possess a duplex unit for double-sided printing. In addition, the devices must comply with strict requirements with respect to the selection of materials and the recyclable design of the products.

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Remanufactured toner cartridges that preserve resources

Refillable toner modules with the Blue Angel ecolabel are a sensible alternative when replacing empty toner modules. This is because these modules have been reconditioned, reduce waste and preserve resources. In addition, the modules must comply with strict requirements for the materials and monochrome or colour toner used in the product, as well as for the performance characteristics of the toner modules. Remanufactured toner modules certified with the Blue Angel – in combination with low emission office equipment according to DE-UZ 205 – fulfil the strict requirements for the release of fine and ultrafine particles during the printing process.


Low-emission office furniture

Furniture can in the worst case scenario represent a significant source of hazardous substances due to their large surfaces and long service life. The Blue Angel tests the outgassing of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from products in emission testing chambers. Anyone who selects the Blue Angel is also choosing a healthy indoor climate.

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