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Ricoh IM 7000

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Use the IM 7000 to revolutionise your printing and scanning by:

  • Downloading and installing new features, applications and upgrades whenever you need them
  • Using the touchscreen control panel to effortlessly customise, manage and add new features
  • Scanning between 220 and 240 impressions per minute in black and white and colour, and detecting small paper sizes (e.g bank slips), with state-of-the-art scanning features that seamlessly integrate with existing scanning workflows
  • Using the wide range of finishing features, which include a stapler and booklet finishers, two multi-folding units and large capacity trays

Brand: Ricoh

Ricoh Europe (Netherlands) B.V.

Prof. W. H. Keesomlaan 1
1183 Amstelveen
The Netherlands
Kerstin Thies