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Computers and Keyboards (DE-UZ 78)

How can computers pay off for environment and health?
Today, the use of computers is part of our daily lives - both in private and professional life: The great majority of German workplaces is equipped with a computer. This makes it all the more important that computers and keyboards meet all demands of modern office work, are environmentally friendly and have no adverse effects on users’ health.

The manufacture of computers, notebooks and keyboards does not only require a great amount of energy but also plenty of resources the production of which is associated with significant environmental impacts. The resources are usually very scarce materials, such as rare earth elements, gold, indium, cobalt or tantalum. They are extremely important for modern technologies but their availability is not guaranteed. With a view to a resource-efficient economy the aim is to allow long-time use of computers in order to derive the greatest possible benefit from the resources used once. Blue Angel eco-labelled computers meet this requirement because they are, for example, repairable and upgradable.

Also, Blue Angel eco-labelled computers and keyboards meet stringent requirements for recyclable design and material selection, thus creating favourable framework conditions for an efficient recovery of the materials used and helping to conserve natural resources.

To protect users' health, the plastic parts of the devices are exclusively made of particularly low-emission materials.