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Environmentally Toys (DE-UZ 207)


Consumers place high demands on toys, i.e. they want them to be free from hazardous substances. That is why the criteria place a strong focus on avoidance and minimization of harmful substances as well as on the verification of compliance by periodic tests. The Blue Angel eco-label goes beyond the requirements of the European Directive on the Safety of Toys and bans further substances that pose a risk to the environment. These present Basic Criteria for Award of the Blue Angel require compliance with fundamental social standards in the production of raw materials as well as at the final production sites. Moreover, greater transparency on the part of the toy manufacturers regarding their suppliers shall guarantee, in the future, compliance with key labour standards also at other levels of the value chain.

The Blue Angel eco-label may be awarded to toys made of textiles, wood, plastic, leather, paper, natural rubber and metal.