Our label for the environment

Orientation made easy

The Blue Angel is depicted directly on the product and is easy to find when consumers are making environmentally friendly purchasing decisions. It is thus a reliable and consumer-friendly guide.


The ecolabel is successful because it is easy to understand. Consumers know that the Blue Angel is only awarded to products and services that are better for the environment. This applies equally to those local authorities, state authorities and companies who want to focus on environmental friendliness when making purchases.

Making the invisible visible

Every time we purchase a product or service, we also directly or indirectly decide on the negative impact it will have on the climate, water, soil, air or our own health. To ensure that consumers can also take environmental aspects into account in their purchasing decisions, they need reliable information on the effects that a product will have on the environment and human health.

It is often not possible to find information on the product’s impact on the environment and your own health, as well as on any social aspects, on the product itself. For example, was the product produced in an environmentally friendly manner, were hazardous substances avoided in the production of the product and is the product easy to recycle? This is precisely where the Blue Angel can provide assistance to consumers by making the invisible visible.

The BLUE ANGEL logo consists of a blue ring with a laurel wreath (A) and a blue figure with outstretched arms (B) in the centre, as well the BLUE ANGEL (C) and THE GERMAN ECOLABEL (D) lettering around the outside.