Expert hearings

The Basic Award Criteria for the use of the Blue Angel ecolabel are defined by the Environmental Label Jury and have a limited term of validity.

This ensures that the relevant criteria can be regularly revised so that they conform to the latest technological standards. RAL gGmbH organises expert hearings to discuss any proposals made by the German Environment Agency for the revision of the relevant criteria. You will find a list of dates for the expert hearings that are due to be held in the near future below. If you are a manufacturer or testing institution and would like to participate in an expert hearing, please contact RAL gGmbH at the following address.

We’ll be happy to help you with any questions about the expert hearings:

Fränkische Straße 7
53229 Bonn
Karin Abedzadeh

Textiles, DE-UZ 154

25 January and 26 January 2022
Online hearing (Webex video conference)


Wallpapers and Woodchip Wall Coverings primarily made of Recycled Paper, DE-UZ 35

8 February 2022
Online hearing (Webex video conference)


Roof and waterproofing membranes, DE-UZ New

15 February and 16 February 2022
in Berlin (planned), otherwise online hearing (Webex video conference)


Wet Cleaning Services, DE-UZ 104

17 February 2022
Online hearing (Webex video conference)