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MeisterPanels. style SP800

Product information of the company:

Cosy felt, 100% vegan, made predominantly from recycled materials and in

turn easy to recycle: the roughly 5 mm thick felt surface from MeisterPanels.

style is a dream of sustainability and naturalness. Together with the MDF middle

layer and a stabilising backing, it creates a wall and ceiling design element

that leaves nothing to be desired. It is easy to handle and install, and also

makes for cosy self-care corners or stylish areas with that wow effect! Felt

complements other materials perfectly – especially when combined with light

woods or metallic-looks, the felt plays to the optical advantages!


But MeisterPanels. style isn’t just an attractive roommate – it also comes with

technical finesse. The felt surface absorbs around 35% of noise in a room

and thus makes for a pleasant atmosphere. Whether it’s in the hubbub of the

dining or living room, in your home office, playroom or children’s bedroom,

MeisterPanels. style creates islands of tranquillity – and subtly, too!



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