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bene Büromöbel Third working level and dividing wall; surfaces: melamine resin coating and fabric covers; models according to the appendix.

Product information of the company:

T-Panels serve many functions: they create an individual workplace setting, assist in structuring the workspace, provide a visual and acoustic shield, and enable focused work as well as cooperation. As vertical elements, they structure the office through the combination of various colours and materials and create significant work areas.

With its softly rounded shape and numerous configuration options, the T-Panel Curve imbues the office with a modern and inviting atmosphere. The T-Panel Curve can be used to furnish individual or double workstations as well as entire workbenches

Brand: bene Büromöbel

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Bene GmbH

Schwarzwiesenstraße 3
3340 Waidhofen an der Ybbs
Thomas Riegler