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bene Büromöbel Worktables; surface: melamine resin coating; models according to the appendix.

Product information of the company:
The individual workspace offers employees the opportunity to perform their tasks alone.

The configuration and the equipment reflects the employee’s needs and department's working method. Workstations can be assigned to individual persons or shared in sharing systems. They are designed for all-day screen work. The height-adjustable tables for alternating sitting and standing work make a significant contribution to keeping the body and mind active. Sitting for long hours at work is not only detrimental to the health of employees, it also causes considerable productivity losses every year. Companies therefore should watch the backs of their employees – in the truest sense of the expression. Especially with back pain, prevention is the best way to reduce sick days, and often a little exercise during work makes a big difference.

Brand: bene Büromöbel

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