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bene Büromöbel Collaboration; surface: melamine resin coating; models: PARCS Tables.

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In today’s working world, companies need a strategic, authentic and, above all, flexible market presence. Well planned and structured open offices provide staff with an agile working environment and support the dynamism of a company. NOOXS is inspired by architectural concepts and creates, designs and influences spaces. Working areas are structured and defined – simply, quickly and costeffectively. The focus is on flexibility. Open offices make optimal use of space and encourage communication. Open office landscapes extend the horizons of those who inhabit them. They not only provide enough space for ideas and inspiration, but also encourage staff to communicate and cooperate with each other. NOOXS is Bene’s modular and flexible wall system. It creates open niches or closed rooms within an open space. It takes all sorts of different needs into account, providing areas as diverse as communication and workshop zones, lounge areas, and private spaces for confidential meetings or concentrated working. The NOOXS wall elements are easy to plan, quick to install, simple to take down and can be easily extended by adding further elements. Thanks to its adaptability, NOOXS is the perfect addition to the office environment and will meet the company’s needs for many years to come. All this, without needing to change the architecture of the building.

Brand: bene Büromöbel

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