Zeitschriften, Broschüren, Magazine, Bücher, Kataloge, Kalender, Prospekte, Werbebeilagen, Zeitungsbeilagen, Flyer, Poster, Plakate, Jahresberichte • Format: 105x148 - 297x420 • 2-128 • Heften, Falzleimen, Dispersionslackieren • Heatset-Rollenoffsetdruck, Bogenoffsetdruck

Product information of the company:

B&K Offsetdruck is a modern and international successful business.

In the graphic industry B&K Offsetdruck offers digital printing, sheetfed and web offset. For it’s established clientele over 220 employees produce high demanding and high quality products.


Motivated through constant progress our pretense to offer innovative products is our priority. This reaches throughout all divisions. Through reliability, quality and service we develop unique products for our clientele.


We offer a broad range of brochures, advertising matters, personalized mailings, magazines and catalogs. Also special designed paper mechanisms such as PopUps, registers and flaps. To make your product shine even more we are specialized on finishing technologies such as spot color printing, film finishing, printing varnish and special varnish effects.


The topics environmental protection and sustainability are also anchored into our principles. The climate change calls to respect our personal responsibility as a manufacturing company and align ourselves with it's demands. Hence we are certified as: 

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • FSC
  • PEFC
  • „we print carbon neutral“ with „nature office“.

Please feel free to approach us personally or inform yourself through our website: www.bk-offset.de  


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Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. resource-conserving and environmentally friendly manufactoring process
  2. low emission printing
  3. primarily made from waste paper