GRAMMER OFFICE Passu Passu 32, Passu Plus 32 A, Passu 34, Passu Plus 34 A, Passu mesh 30 A, Passu Plus mesh 32 A, Passu mesh 32 A, Passu 42, Passu Plus 42 A, Passu 44, Passu Plus 44 A, Passu mesh 40 A, Passu Plus mesh 42, Passu mesh 42 A

Product information of the company:

Passu is an ideal side chair for offices, canteens, training rooms and conference halls. Available as a cantilever or 4-leg model with a choice of different shell colours and an endless variety of fittings, it can be perfectly adapted to all requirements and environments.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. low emissions
  2. low pollutant content

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