hanit® Recyclingprodukte aus Polyolefinen Produkte im Garten- und Landschaftsbau (Balken, Bord/-Grenz-/L-Steine, Bretter, Palisaden, Pfosten, Profile, Komposter, Poller, Geländer) Farben: braun, grau, grün, rot, blau und schwarz / hanit® Recycled Plastic Products from Polyolefins - Garden and Landscape Products (Beams, Curb stones, L-stones-Boundary stones, Board Profiles, Palisades, Poles, Posts, Composters, Bollards, Barriers) Colours: brown, grey, green, red, blue and black

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Benefits to the Environment

  1. manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastics
  2. PVC-free