Pöppelmann blue® TEKU® products for commercial horticulture

Product information of the company:

100 % Recyclable Plant Pot, Plastic Content 100 % Recycled.

Environmental and climate protection becomes more and more important for the end consumer. And the topic of resource conservation is important to us as well. Therefore the plastics used for our plant pots in the Circular Blue (before: Recycling Blue) colour come directly out of the recycling bin and returns there as well. This allows for a closed raw material loop. We call this initiative PÖPPELMANN blue®.


We assume responsibility.

Plastics is a valuable raw material. Currently, only about half of the plastic from the packaging waste is recycled in Germany. We want to increase this ratio and actively contribute to closing the raw material loop.Plant pots in the Circular Blue colour are designed in such a way that the material can be reliably identified in waste sorting. These can be used for the extraction of new Pöppelmann PCR granules, which are completely extracted from the yellow bin.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. At least 80 % recycled plastic respectively foil at least 80% recycled plastic
  2. Limitation of pollutants