Stuhl MedaSlim

Product information of the company:

Universal visitor and conference chair on a four-legged base. Up to 5 chairs with chrome-plated back legs can be stacked. With or without armrests. The back frame, front legs and seat surface are moulded in a single unit. Material: Fibreglass-reinforced polyamide. Back legs made of aluminium; chrome-plated, polished or powder-coated, the latter corresponding to the frame colour basic dark. Polyurethane seat cushion, covered with fabric versions Nova, Skin, Torso Meda or leather. Backrest: mesh cover is stretched over the frame in the versions Netline or Meda 2 Netweave (analogous to the office swivel chairs MedaPro and Meda 2) or knitted fabric Torso Meda (like seat). Glides for hard or soft floors. Row connectors: MedaSlim can be connected with a retrofittable connecting element and numbered. Radial arrangements are possible.

Benefits to health and environment

  1. no adverse effects on human health in the living environment because low in emissions
  2. tested for formaldehyde, solvents and plasticizers
  3. environmentally friendly manufactured – this particularly applies to leather, textiles and upholstery materials

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