BM Katalysatoren Systemfamilie D-IV für Pkw und leichte Nutzfahrzeuge: BM80227B, BM80111B, BM80103B, BM80272B, BM80240B, BM80500B, BM80498B, BM80214B, BM80139B, BM80085B, BM80249B, BM80011B, BM80081B, BM80003B, BM80021B, BM80049B, BM80025B, BM80045B, BM80173B, BM80091B, BM80445B, BM80446B, BM80413B, BM80055B, BM80028B, BM80108B, BM80185B, BM80180B, BM80186B, BM80287B, BM80124B, BM80327B, BM80304B, BM80197B, BM80266B, BM80218B, BM80192B, BM80059B, BM80132B, BM80130B, BM80084B, BM80122B, BM80275B, BM80417B, BM80309B, BM80499B, BM80179B, BM80183B, BM80241B, BM80232B, BM80161B, BM80174B, BM80164B, BM80456B, BM80231B, BM80355B, BM80095B

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Benefits to the Environment

  1. permanent reduction in emissions
  2. annual follow-up tests
  3. no use of mineral fibres harmful to health

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