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Eurocol 644 Eurostar Multi Plus

Product information of the company:
  • High quality, fiber-reinforced, strong, dispersion-based adhesive with long open time, which achieves a very high final strength.
  • The adhesive is suitable for bonding of rubber floor coverings in sheets with sanded backing (e.g. Noraplan) as well as in tiles up to 1 m x 1 m, up to 4 mm thickness (e.g. Norament), for LVTs, vinyl- and CV- floor coverings in sheets and tiles, vinyl composite floor coverings, textile floor coverings with different backings, needle felt, linoleum in sheets and in tiles (e.g. Modular), as well for approved Eurocol insulating underlays.
  • For installation on standard-compliant, fully filled, absorbent subfloors.
  • Consumption-optimized.
  • Recommended for improving the dimensional stability and indentation behavior of bonded floor coverings.
  • The product can be used on underfloor heating.
  • Suitable for use with chair castors according to DIN EN 12529.
  • Shampoo resistant according to RAL 991 A2.
  • For indoor use. 
  • Very low emission EMICODE EC 1 Plus. 
  • Emission tested building product according to DIBt principles.

Brand: Eurocol

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