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Eurocol 015 Euroblock MS

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  • Ready to apply, fast hardening One-component SMP moisture reaction resin primer to block non-pressing residual moisture in cement screed up to 4 %CM.
  • For strengthening surface edge zones of mineral substrates.
  • Can be used as adhesion promoter on mastic asphalt, ceramic tiles, fixed wood-based panels (V100 P4 - P7, OSB panels 2 - 4), can be used as moisture protection for moisture-sensitive substrates, for covering fixed, water-soluble adhesive residues.
  • Prime with 070 Europrimer Fill before using self-levelling compound.
  • Suitable for direct bonding of parquet with Eurocol 1C adhesives.
  • Suitable* for direct bonding of parquet with Eurocol 1K adhesives.
  • The product can be used on permanently dry, heated floor constructions.
  • For interior use.
  • Contains no migratory components.
  • Solvent-free according to TRGS 610 and very low emission laying material.

Brand: Eurocol

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