COMpact 5500R

Product information of the company:

A purebred IP performer – and yet offering multiple options!

No matter whether you're a promising new start-up or an established company that's planning to expand - this VoIP appliance can help keep all your options open. The brand new COMpact 5500R has the ability to cope with increasing demands built into its DNA. Thanks to its fully modular architecture, even its base configuration, designed for up to 12 VoIP subscribers, can also handle up to 50 subscribers (including remote extensions) and also provide all the functions of a "large“ IP server. 


  • Up to 32 VoIP channels simultaneously, of which 14 can be configured for external use (internet telephony)
  • Up to 50 VoIP subscribers
  • Up to 20 ISDN or 20 analogue subscribers
  • Designed to have a second Ethernet port
  • Internal ISDN ports for 2-wire and 4-wire technology (UP0 and S0)
  • Unified Messaging – central voicemail and fax system with up to 8 channels for a max. of 60 subscribers or groups
  • CTI with Auerswald PBX Call Assist 2
  • Interfaces (APIs) for connecting 3rd party software, e.g. ESTOS ProCall or proprietary software
  • Automatic attendant, 10 destination numbers in parallel and sequentially
  • Full system integration of analogue and IP door intercom systems
  • Hotel function (check-in/check-out)

Benefits to the Environment and Health

  1. low energy consumption
  2. durable

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