COMmander® 6000, COMmander® 6000R, COMmander® 6000RX

Product information of the company:

Modular communication server for seamless VoIP integration, Unified Messaging and Unified Communication

  • 38 exchange calls simultaneously via ISDN and VoIP max.
  • 112 VoIP subscriber max.
  • 64 VoIP channels simultaneously max.
  • System telephony with digital VoIP and ISDN devices of the COMfortel series
  • Remote extensions with COMfortel 3500, COMfortel VoIP 2500 AB, mobile VoIP clients and soft phones
  • Internal ISDN ports for 2 wired and 4 wired technology (UP0 and S0)
  • Unified Messaging – central voicemail and fax system with 16 channels max. for 120 subscriber and groups max.
  • Interfaces (APIs) for connecting 3rd-Party-Software, e.g. ESTOS ProCall, Microsoft® OCS/Lync and individual developments
  • Auto attendant
  • Hotel function, check-in/check-out and invoice printing without PC
  • Door and switching functions
  • 5 resp. 15 module slots

Benefits to the Environment and Health

  1. low energy consumption
  2. durable

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