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COMpact 5200, COMpact 5200R

Product information of the company:
A small-office initiative from Auerswald: modern communication for everybody!

Since many years bigger PBX systems like our COMmander 6000 are known for their versatility and their ability to adapt to changing demands later. Medium-sized businesses can now profit from the same possibilities: COMpact 5200 is the perfect choice for companies with the need for up to 32 internal ports. Especially the 19” rack version with just 2 height units and an affordable price is ideal for modern enterprises.

  • Up to 32 VoIP subscribers
  • Up to 20 ISDN or 20 analogue subscribers
  • Up to 16 VoIP channels simultaneously, of which 14 can be configured for external use (internet telephony)
  • System telephony with digital VoIP and ISDN telephones from the COMfortel range
  • Internal ISDN ports for 2-wire and 4-wire technology (UP0 and S0)
  • Unified Messaging – central voicemail and fax system with up to 8 channels for a max. of 40 subscribers or groups
  • CTI with Auerswald PBX Call Assist 2
  • Interfaces (APIs) for connecting 3rd party software, e.g. ESTOS ProCall or proprietary software
  • Integration in home and facility automation, e.g. KNX/EIB and IP switching relays
  • Full system integration of analogue and IP door intercom systems

Brand: COMpact

Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG

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