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Low-pollutant Varnishes (DE-UZ 12a)

Primers, Undercoats, clear paints, clear vamishes, coloured paints, coloured vamishes, thin glazes, high-build glazes, water-thinnable paints, water-thinnable varnishes, ground sealing products, radiator paints, radiator varnishes, window paints, window varnishes, door paints, door varnishes, exterior paints, exterior varnishes, furniture paints, furniture varnishes, wood oil

“Varnish is a coating substance that is thinly applied to surfaces and hardens due to chemical or physical processes. The surface is sealed and protected as a result. Enhancing the visual appearance of the surface is also part of the various different applications for varnishes. Coating indoor surfaces with varnishes and paints similar to varnish can pollute the indoor air and it is thus essential to select the right product. The Blue Angel is awarded on the basis of an evaluation of the product formulation or an emissions test. This guarantees that varnishes holding the Blue Angel are low in emissions and solvents and also have low levels of pollutants.”