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Sanitary Paper Products made of Recycled Paper (DE-UZ 5)

loo paper

The use of recycled paper instead of paper made from virgin fibres not only conserves our forests but also protects the climate and helps to reduce waste. The Blue Angel promotes the use of 100% recovered paper in its criteria for sanitary paper. Sanitary paper cannot be recycled and the valuable fibres are thrown away or flushed into the sewers. Therefore, it makes sense to use recovered paper sourced from ordinary, medium and kraft paper grades that are primarily recovered from household collections. The Blue Angel restricts the addition of critical production aids and paper refining agents in its criteria for the production of paper in order to, on the one hand, minimise the pollution of waste water and, on the other hand, reduce the pollutant load in the paper. For example, the use of optical brighteners, halogenated bleaching agents and not readily biodegradable complexing agents is prohibited during the production of the recycled paper. In addition, the Blue Angel also sets requirements for the emissions to waste water and air, the generation of waste and energy consumption during the production of sanitary paper.

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