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Resources and Energy-Efficient Software Products (DE-UZ 215)

Software and hardware belong together like a book and its pages. One makes no sense without the other. A computer, notebook and even a smartphone can only be as energy efficient as the software allows. Although it is the hardware that consumes energy, it is the software that triggers the consumption of this energy. The design of the software and its programming also have an influence on the hardware specifications and are thus also responsible for the replacement of supposedly less powerful hardware.

The European Ecodesign Directive defines requirements for the environmentally friendly design of energy-related products and sets minimum requirements. Most of the products that come under the scope of the Ecodesign Directive are controlled by software. There are no legal requirements for the energy efficiency of software products despite the fact that software has a major influence on energy consumption.

The aim of the environmental label for resource and energy-efficient software products is to reduce the total energy consumed by information and communication technology and improve resource efficiency. By purchasing software that has been awarded the Blue Angel, consumers and public procurers can be sure that the software uses hardware resources in a particularly efficient manner and saves energy. Due to lower performance requirements, the hardware has a longer service life. In addition, the software stands out due to its high level of transparency and grants users greater freedom in their use of the software.

Furthermore, the criteria for the environmental label also provide developers of software products with useful guidance for identifying possible weaknesses in the software and taking the right measures to reduce the impact on the environment.


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