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Environmentally Friendly Recycled Paper (DE-UZ 14a)

copy paper, multipurpose paper, printing paper, Magazine, paper, newspaper, photocopying paper

In contrast to the production process for paper made out of fresh fibres, producing paper from recovered paper not only saves resources but also generates less waste water and uses less water and energy. Recycled paper that has been awarded the Blue Angel environmental label is guaranteed to be made from 100% recovered paper. The use of chlorine, optical brighteners and halogenated bleaching agents is also prohibited during the production process.

The products covered by DE-UZ 14a include copy and multifunctional paper and printing and publication papers. These recycled papers meet the highest standards with respect to their fitness for use (DIN EN 12281) and resistance to ageing (DIN standard 6738, LDK 24-85). If handled and stored with care, these products are resistant to ageing over many hundreds of years and are also suitable for the production of high-quality printed matter according to DE-UZ 195. In the case of copy and multifunctional paper used for laser printing, the VOC (volatile organic substances) emissions are also restricted.

Here, you will also find other recycled paper that is used to produce finished products for office and school supplies, such as writing paper. Products for office and school supplies (such as exercise books, pads, envelopes, colouring books and gift paper) come under the scope of DE-UZ 14b.

Finally, you will also find stronger recycled paper here that is used to produce finished products such as compostable paper bags and paper carrier bags, as well as the products themselves.

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