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Energy-Efficient Data Center Operation (DE-UZ 161)


Data centers – you can't see them but nevertheless need them multiple times per day. Whether checking the news on a smartphone, holding a video conference or completing a bank transfer, the services provided by a data center are constantly required on an ongoing basis. Germany is the largest data center location in Europe and the third largest in the world. The majority of the data centers in Germany are located in Frankfurt am Main. No data center can operate without electricity and the data centers in Frankfurt now account for around 20 percent of the electricity consumption in the City of Frankfurt and this figure is increasing.

Data centers offer significant potential for saving energy, which can be exploited by managing the data center components and building technology in a professional manner. The environmental label for energy efficient data center operation reduces energy consumption, eliminates air conditioning that is damaging to the environment and utilises the existing technology to a better extent. Excess capacities in the data center infrastructure and underutilised servers waste valuable resources. The Blue Angel places strict requirements on the monitoring of the energy provision, air conditioning and IT performance of the data center components. This makes it possible to identify any optimisation potential. When new components are acquired, they are subject to significantly tougher requirements in comparison to the existing technology. The aim of the Blue Angel is to ensure the efficient operation of existing technology. Investment in new technology should only be made when it is necessary for specialist or technical reasons.    

A data center certified with the Blue Angel provides its services in an environmentally friendly way.

The Blue Angel criteria offer reliable assistance when selecting ecological criteria for issuing invitations to tender and awarding contracts for external data center services. 

Since the beginning of 2023, there has been a new consolidated eco-label for “Data Centres” (DE-UZ 228), in which the previous eco-labels “Energy Efficient Data Centre Operation” (DE-UZ 161) and “Climate-friendly Co-location Data Centres” (DE-UZ 214) have been merged and revised.