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WISCHfris eco DreiNatura®

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Wipe care based on water-soluble polymers for daily maintenance cleaning. With fresh citrus scent. Manually and mechanically (machines) applicable to all water-resistant floor coverings. WISCHfris eco DreiNatura® is polishable and suitable for the high-speed process

HACCP roadworthiness certificate available
• CLP labeling requirements
• Tested to DIN 18032-2

Ingredients: <5% nonionic surfactants
Other ingredients: cleaning alcohols, care components, technical aids-, dyes-, fragrances

Application: 20 ml for normal soiling, 40 ml for heavier soiling in 8 liters of water and carry out the cleaning as usual. If heavily soiled, higher doses can be used. For the correct dosage please use TOPDOS.

pH at application concentration approx. 7

Remarks: For professional use only. The correct dosage and the use of maximum handwarm water reduces both water pollution and energy and water consumption. Only completely empty the packaging of the recyclable waste collection. Fill 1 liter round bottle with 10 liter canister.

Do not mix with other cleaning agents.

EU Ecolabel: DE / 020/388
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