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WINEA STARTUP Büromöbel Steh-Sitz-Tisch Oberfläche: Melaminharzdirektbeschichtung

Product information of the company:

WINEA STARTUP is the perfect entry level sit-stand desk for small companies, start-ups or for working from home. The desk comes with a motor-operated height adjustment, ranging from 65 – 130 cm and convincing optional features for integrating technology and power supply. The broad palette of colours available for desktops and legs as well as a variety of desk widths and depths allow for individual design options.

The controller options include an up/down user interface, an user interface with memory function and, recently added, the Arriba Basic interface. Arriba with its reduced design informs the user with bright colours about the state of his desk.

Apart from solitary desks the range features also a DUO workstation: two desktops sharing one frame but both desktops can still be individually height adjusted. With WINEA STARTUP offers options for health-promoting individual workstations as well as for ergonomic benches and team work desks, ensuring excellent quality standards at a slim price,


Optional features: Modesty panel, organisation rail, privacy and acoustic panels, design skid, cable outlets, cable channel, cable chain, CPU-holder, monitor support arm, power modules, collision sensors.

Brand: WINI

WINI Büromöbel Georg Schmidt GmbH & Co.KG

Auhagenstraße 79
31863 Coppenbrügge
Heiko Dörpmund