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The Sustainable People LDPE films, tubes, mailing bags, carrier bags, garden bags, bin bags, refuse sacks in different types, colours and sizes

Product information of the company:

TSP Recycling waste bags (60 / 120 / 240 liters)

  • Certified with the Blue Angel
  • Made from 100% recycled material (PE, at least 90% post-consumer waste)
  • Made in the EU
  • Safe, tear-resistant, waterproof
  • Banderole made of FSC certified material, with tear strips for easy opening
  • Simple and hygienic waste collection
  • Advantage when collecting residual waste: High heating value and clean combustion of PE
  • Advantage when collecting recyclables: 100% recyclable, made from a monomaterial (PE)



Advantages of using post-consumer recyclate (PE)

  • Important contribution to resource conservation
  • Primary plastics are substituted and those that have already been used at least once are used again in products
  • Purchasing such products = an important contribution to strengthening sales and thus strengthening the recycling of post-consumer plastic waste,
  • In plastics processing in Germany, only 9.1% comes from post-consumer waste (see CONVERSIO Market & Strategy GmbH, Stoffstrombild Kunststoffe in Deutschland 2021)
  • Recycling used plastic products gives value to the waste involved and prevents the material from ending up in landfills
  • Significantly less COâ‚‚ emissions during production than with fresh PE from new granulate (see life cycle assessment study by Fraunhofer UMSICHT for Interseroh, 2019)
  • Less land use because there is no oil production
  • High calorific value and clean combustion of PE in the waste incineration plant (residue-free to water and COâ‚‚)
  • Cascade usage comes into play

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