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Rat Trap PRO SuperCat

Super-efficient and species-relevant trap eradicates mice through its no-fail catching system

• Patented easy catch system

• Optimal strike force

• Species-relevant, fast killing

• Prevents catching errors

• Includes natural bait

Our latest addition to the SuperCat range is this brilliant rat trap with its ingenious easy catch system trigger mechanism and its powerful hammer-blow killing action. This new design kills rats instantly and humanely without them hurting themselves.


  • The natural bait is integrated into an elongated container in front of the trigger mechanism. As the rat eats the bait, it gets used to the trap without setting it off, and as it continues to eat it is drawn close to the trigger and into the perfect position to be trapped.
  • The new patended trigger mechanism easy catch system with its inbuilt stability prevents the rat from setting the trap off accidentally. Only when the rat starts eating the bait and penetrates deeper into the trap does it lift the trigger device and set the trap off.
  • The hammer-blow force generated by the extremely high tension spring together with the powerful clamping action of the trap ensure that the killing process is shortened as appropriate to the species.
  • With the Rat trap PRO SuperCat, SWISSINNO is launching onto the world market a new development that according to its findings already complies with future EU guidelines and is certified the Category ‘B’ classification according to Section 18 of the German Infection Protection Act.



Rosenbergstraße 22
9000 St. Gallen
CEO Gabriel Le Laidier