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SWISSINNO Mouse Trap No See No Touch

Product information of the company:
Catch Mice and kill without touching
  • The SWISSINNO "No See, No Touch" mousetrap catches mice safely and hygienically.
  • The patented trap system means the user does not have avoids eye or skin contact with the animal mouse.
  • The mouse is killed discreetly inside the trap.
  • After the mouse has been captured and killed, it can be disposed of without touching it.
  • Supplied baited ready to use.
Efficient and hygienic mousetrap

It can often be difficult to catch mice and even more difficult to get rid of them. Disgust, compassion and other emotions play a big role when it comes to combating mice. This is why we at Swissinno developed a trap that catches and kills the mouse without your seeing it and lets you dispose of the carcass without your having to make physical contact No See No Touch!

When mice do invade your living  space, you'll need to set up a trap to get rid of them. Among the many different  possibilities and mousetraps, the "No See, No Touch" mousetrap is one of the most efficient and hygienic. The whole catch-and-kill process takes place out of sight inside the trap and it is done quickly. You just need to set the trap and empty it after the mouse has been killed.




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