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Sedus turn around, Drehstuhl: tu-180, tu-181 high desk chair, mit textilen Bezugsstoffen und Leder ohne flammhemmender Ausrüstung

Product information of the company:

Turn around was specially developed for the requirements of team and project work: for dynamic work with variable teams in flexible locations. The succinctly waisted backrest provides comfortable support and, thanks to its intelligent design, also enables sitting positions that are turned in sideways. Thanks to its open and light design, turn around not only fits in the office, but also perfectly in the home office or in a Bringing movement into the team: Sedus turn around.

Rethink, change: Where fixed structures with individual offices dominated the picture for a long time, dynamic project work with variable teams at flexible locations dominates today. Discussions, work and decisions take place where it is best for efficiency and results - for example, on a Sedus turn around, which was specially developed for the requirements of team and project work.

Whether at high tables or in seating areas: Available in a high and a low version, the turn around provides a dynamic seating experience and promotes changes in posture - and thus also a lively exchange between all colleagues. Of course, comfort and the ergonomics typical of Sedus are not neglected.
good for the result if a meeting lasts a little longer.

)Brings lots of movement into the team: Sedus turn around.

Rethinking and changing: whereas rigid structures with individual offices were long the dominant feature, today it is dynamic project work that dominates, with variable teams in flexible locations. Discussions, decisions and
work take place in the location that is best from an efficiency and results standpoint – such as in a Sedus turn around, which has been developed especially to satisfy the requirements of team and project work.

Whether at high desks or in seating areas: turn around, available in a high and a low version, conveys a dynamic sitting experience and encourages posture changes – and thus also lively interaction of all colleagues. It goes without saying that the comfort and ergonomic features typical of Sedus are not forgotten – something that is good if a meeting happens to run a little longer than planned.

Working at eye level.

With project work, the focus is on the culture of dialogue, dynamics and mobility as in no other area of office activity. From working at high desks to temporary workplaces – wherever people work together and flexibility is required, the strengths of turn around come to the fore. Whether as a high desk chair or a swivel chair: with its comfortable upholstery and the round shape, it literally snuggles up and also provides pleasant support when you move. Thanks to the ergonomic design, any seat position is immediately perceived as ideal – without first having to adjust anything. Different leg lengths are also no problem with the turn around high desk chair, because you can simply change the height of its footring.


Sustainablility down to the last detail.

Sustainability and quality “Made in Germany” have been key company principles at Sedus for more than 50 years. Principles that turn around also perfectly embodies – with its long product life alone. It also features a recycling-friendly product design and resource-saving production. Naturally preference is given to recycled materials in manufacturing – for example, the turn around shell has a recycled plastic content of around 40%. Another plus in production: the ultramodern, particularly environmentally friendly electroplating
facility, where all metal-containing production residues are fully recycled.

 Product features

  •     Model: swivel chair with castors
  •     Seat height adjustment
  •     Rocking mechanism
  •     Lumbar curvature
  •     Universal castors for all floor coverings
  •     Recommended user weight up to max. 110 kg

Brand: Sedus

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