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Sedus se:motion net

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se:motion net -Office swivel chair for agile working

New ideas are on the agenda where creative and communicative work is carried out. The exchange of ideas within the team, the quick change of workplaces and spontaneous brainstorming rounds make a decisive contribution to this process. This is where the se:motion net comes into play: With its puristic design and air-permeable knitted membrane, it brings along the lightness that is required for spontaneous, flexible work.

se:motion net stands out with its unique, kinematic movement concept and the well-proven seating comfort which is achieved without any adjustment effort. The shape, with the custom-made knitted membrane, and the design, with the height-adjustable armrests are particularly suitable for agile workplace concepts, whether for start-ups, co-working areas or home offices. It is the simple idea of flexibility that makes the se:motion net special – just sit down and get started.


Brand: Sedus

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