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se:mood - four-leg chair for workspaces and break areas

When it comes to modern office and workplace concepts as well as areas in which people work creatively together, the design requirements are particulary high. The interior design should be harmonious and, at the same time, adaptable, with products that create a feel-good atmosphere without being too imposing. The se:mood makes it all possible: Surprisingly different, activating and versatile.

With its puristic design, the se:mood fits everywhere where spontaneous seating is required. Whether it's a short conversation in the waiting area, a short break in the cafeteria or concentrated reading in the library, the four-leg chair is an elegant partner.

- Frame: plastic made of glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene, 100% recycled material
- The armrests are an integral part of the frame and are connected to form a round arch to carry the seat shell with the suspended seat area
- Stackable up to max. 5 units

- One-piece ergonomically shaped seat shell with lumbar protrusion, tapered backrest, gently shaped seat recess and slightly sloping, all-round bevelled seat
- Seat shell in two versions:
1. Polypropylene plastic, 100% recycled material
2. PET felt: form fleece made of polyester fibres with up to 100% recycled material

- Optional upholstered cushion, approx. 16 mm thick with an approx. 10 mm foam filling, sown with 2 x approx. 3-mm layers of genuine wool felt, non-slip finish on the underside
- Optionally, grey or graphite, the underside is always in anthracite
- Size 395 x 370 mm

Brand: Sedus

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