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Arrive, sit down, feel good: When the ambience is right, everything feels much easier. That’s why a piece of seating furniture can sometimes offer a little more – a large, well-formed seat shell, soft upholstery and a design that conveys trend awareness as well as comfort. Whether as an island of tranquillity, as a place of concentrated retreat or as an inviting space in the reception area – se:lounge stands out with versatility and durability at the same time.

Shaped for comfort

The lounge chair has a one-piece PET felt seat shell. The contour and height of the backrest provide optimum body and head support. The integrated armrests form the side finish. The organic contours convey harmony, whilst the seat pan and the handmade upholstery round off the comfort.


Brand: Sedus

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Sedus Stoll AG

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