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Sedus se: fit sf-905, mit textilen Bezugsstoffen ohne flammhemmender Ausrüstung

Product information of the company:

se:fit is a versatile standing seat that encourages movement and actively promotes healthy changes in movement and posture. It is a hybrid of stool and standing aid with infinitely variable height adjustment. The plate foot, which can be tilted to all sides, promotes intuitive movements. At the same time, the non-slip plate base provides a secure hold at all times. With the option to choose between sitting and standing, se:fit supports not only at the workplace but also at home as a practical helper for a variety of activities. Thanks to the recessed grip on the underside of the seat, se:fit can be easily carried with one hand.

Movement is good for the body and movement inspires the mind. With se:fit, Sedus has developed a versatile standing seat that encourages more activity and allows you to sit or lean back in a lively way. Whether at a standing desk, bench or wherever a standing aid is practical: se:fit is infinitely height-adjustable (from 53-84 cm), ergonomic and easy to take with you. Standing stool, standing or sitting aid - many names, one mission: more activity in the office as well as at home.
Product features

  •     Model: standing seat with disc base
  •     Ergonomically shaped seat cushion
  •     Infinitely variable height adjustment: 53 - 80 cm (sitting - standing)
  •     Convex plate base made of non-slip material
  •     Compact and easily portable

Brand: Sedus

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