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PROFIPACK Abfallsäcke aus Recycling-LDPE in den Farben blau, rot, grün, schwarz, grau, transparent und gelb, Abmessungen und Foliendicken gemäß Antrag

Product information of the company:

ProfiPack-bags are made of 100% recycled material and are available in the following colors: blue, red, green, black, grey, transparent and yellow. 

Due to the fact that we are specialized on custom-made products, there is barely any dimension that we cannot offer to manufacture. If you wish, there is the possibility to print the bags with eco-friendly watercolor or to produce them with drawstring, loose bag ties or punching holes. 

Since our bags are produced in a closed loop, they are particularly sustainable

We buy waste film, which would otherwise end up on landfills. Through sorting, washing and recycling waste film, we gain our raw material for the film production: LDPE-regranulate. In further production steps the regranulate is melted, blown to film tubes and processed to commercially available rolls or loose bags.

Every single production step is performed at our headquarters in Siegelsbach, near Heilbronn, in Southern Germany. 




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