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practica - belloo Dog wast bags made of min. 80% post consumer recycled material LDPCR

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If environmentally friendly, then properly so!

The red bag consists of more than 80% recycled old plastics. These used plastics already had a "first life", e.g. as wrapping or pallet securing film. This reduces the amount of waste and CO2 emissions. It is certified with the "Blue Angel" environmental seal. This guarantees sustainability at a high level. Climate protection only works through participation. With this bag, CO2 emissions are reduced by over 40% compared to a bag made of new plastic. The complete production, from the raw material to the finished bag, takes place in Germany in a closed material cycle. With its film thickness, the bag is hard-wearing and tear-resistant. It is currently the most ecological bag on the market.

Brand: practica - belloo

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