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Pöppelmann blue® KAPSTO® plastic protection elements

Product information of the company:
Resource-saving protective elements made from recycled plastics.

As part of the company-wide Pöppelmann blue® campaign, Pöppelmann is increasingly focusing on the use of recycled plastics. The aim is to increase the recycling rate of plastics, close material cycles and thus ensure greater sustainability in the use of our resources. The Pöppelmann KAPSTO® division has already tested the collection and return of protective elements in pilot projects with customers. Since 2019, two existing standard series have been available as resource-saving alternatives in the "Recycling Blue" color as part of the standard program: the GPN 608, a conical closure with side tab, and the GPN 610, a universal protection in conical form. They consist of 100 percent recycled material in the plastic used, come in the proven KAPSTO® quality compared to the existing standard series and are available directly from stock. Since the beginning of 2020, these protective elements have been awarded the Blue Angel. At the beginning of 2021, the new High Voltage Connector Caps and Covers GPN 380, GPN 384 and GPN 385 made of PCR polypropylene (PCR-PP) followed. In spring 2021, KAPSTO® also included around 100 new products from six different standard series made of PCR-PE in its catalog range: the GPN 250, 310, 330, 350, 600 and 620.

Brand: Pöppelmann blue®

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