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Plasbel Re Reusable bag

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Plasbel®, takes on the circular economy challenge with the objective of stimulating growth through more sustainable production, resource efficiency and commitment to the environment. 


Citizens recycle plastic materials and our supplier collects post-consumer plastic, which is converted into pellets after undergoing a process of maximum quality, which we reuse and transform into post-consumer recyclable eco bags. Since 2019, all our products are manufacture with 100% renewable wind-powered energy.


Plasbel RE reusable carrier bag made of 80% post-consumer recycled material.​ The thickness of these bags ensures their resistance and impermeability. They can be reused more than 15 times. The reusable bags made of recycled material are manufactured in a sustainable way, making them one of the best alternatives.

Brand: Plasbel Re

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Plasbel Plasticos SAU

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Mrs. Noelia Beltrán