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PCR 80% PF (Post - Consumer Regranulate 80% Packaging Film)

Product information of the company:

Product decription: LDPE foil with a content of certified post-consumer regranulate not less than 80% PCR. Product is supplied in the form of a tape, sleeve, half-sleeve, overlap, bag or hood. Foil can be manufacutred in the thicnkess and width according to the customer requirements and the color of the foil is black&white. The products have the Blue Angel logo.

Application of the foil: single or multi-layer foil is used to make a protective layer and packaging for different kind of products such as: furniture, mattresses, etc. prevent against dirt, moisture and damage. The foil can be also found as a packging in garden soil, bark or courier envelopes which is the most popular product nowadays due to the large increase in purchases via online stores.  

Material: Post-consumer LDPE regranulate certified by EuCertPlast. Additives and dyes improving the properties of the foil depending on the specificity of the product.


  • width from 130 mm up to 3000 mm;
  • foil thickness from 0,015 mm up to 0,3 mm;
  • weight from 14 g/m2 up to 278 g/m2;
  • color: white&black. 

The product is currently not commercially available.


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