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PCR 80% PF (Post - Consumer Regranulate 80% Packaging Film)

Product information of the company:

Product description: LD-PE film with a content of certified post-consumer regranulate not less than 80% PCR. The product is produced in the form of a tape, sleeve, half-sleeve, pleat, bag or hood. Foil of different width, thickness and colouring.

Application: packaging and industry, e.g. courier envelopes, heat-shrinkable films, collective packaging, tapes for protecting yachts, transport bags.

Foliarex: The company, founded in 1990 in Poznań, for the first years of its activity specialized in the production of packaging films. Its dynamic development is evidenced by the wide range of construction, agricultural and horticultural, packaging, plastic and regranulate films currently offered to you. They have enjoyed unflagging popularity for years, thanks to the highest quality and competitive prices.

Material: Post-consumer LDPE regranulate certified by EuCertPlast. Additives and dyes that improve the properties of the film depending on the specificity of the product.


- width from 130 mm to 6000 mm,

- thickness from 0,015 mm to 0,3 mm,

- grammage from 14 g/m2 to 278 g/m2,

- colorless or colored foil.

Brand: P.W. Foliarex

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