Environmentally Friendly Printing Papers

In contrast to the production process for paper made out of fresh fibres, producing paper from recovered paper not only saves resources but also generates less waste water and uses less water and energy. Printed matter that has been awarded the Blue Angel environmental label and which contains a percentage of fresh fibres is guaranteed to only contain those fresh fibres sourced from sustainably managed forests and forestry companies with high ecological standards. It is not permitted to use timber from forests that are particularly worthy of protection e.g. tropical or boreal forests.

At least 80% of the fibres used to produce the printing and publication papers primarily made from recovered paper listed here must be recycled. The addition of fresh fibres is sometimes necessary for paper used for quick printing processes because the high-speed printing presses require thin paper that has a very high resistance to tearing. Therefore, no test for the resistance to ageing is required for short-lived products such as paper used for newspapers.

Printing and publication papers made out of 100% recovered paper within the scope of DE-UZ 14a are available for durable and high-quality printed matter such as brochures and books. The papers listed there are also tested for their resistance to ageing and also include papers with heavier weights.

The production of printed matter is now also included within the scope of DE-UZ 195. Therefore, you will also find those printing companies listed there who print products in accordance with the Blue Angel standard.


Benefits to health and environment

  1. protection of resources due to high percentages of recycled paper
  2. drop in waste volumes due to the recycling of post-consumer paper products
  3. if certain proportions of primary or virgin fibres are used the wood must be from sustainably managed forests

At the following companies you will find products with the Blue Angel

Igepa group GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (2)
Circle silk Offsetdruck 35-75 g/qm
Circle Volume Offsetdruck 35-75 g/qm
Kübler & Niethammer Papierfabrik Kriebstein AG, Germany (6)
Kriebcoat Superior MWC/HWC Offsetdruckpapier
Kriebcoat Superior ULWC/LWC Offsetdruckpapier
KRIEPA PRINT (KP) - Aufgebessertes Zeitungsdruckpapier Heatset + Coldset
KRIEPA PRINT 76 (KP 76) - Aufgebessertes Zeitungsdruckpapier Heatset + Coldset
KRIEPA PRINT Heatset (KPH) - Aufgebessertes Zeitungsdruckpapier Heatset
Rekoat 84 (Coated 84 White Silk) recyceltes graphisches Druckpapier mit hoher Weiße
Laakirchen Papier AG, Austria (4)
GraphoLogIQ BE SC-A Offset Papier
GraphoMotion BE SC-A Offset Papier
GraphoSet BE 45/49/52/56/60g/m² (Art. Nr. 701784-701788) - SC-A Offset Papier
GraphoVerde BE 42/45/49/52/56 g/m² (Art. Nr. 701779-701783) - SC-B Tiefdruck Papier
LEIPA Georg Leinfelder GmbH, Germany (15)
LEIPA ultra MAG - ULWC/LWC - Offsetdruck 35-70 g/m²
LEIPA ultraHybrid Offsetdruck 75 g/qm
LEIPA ultraLUX - ULWC/LWC - Offsetdruck 35-70 g/m²
LEIPA ultraLUX - ULWC/LWC - Offsetdruck 75-90 g/m²
LEIPA ultraMAG PLUS - MWC/HWC - Offsetdruck 75-90 g/m²
LEIPA ultraMAG PLUS - ULWC/LWC - Offsetdruck 35-70 g/m²
LEIPA ultraMAG RG - ULWC/LWC - Tiefdruck 35-70 g/m²
LEIPA UltraPOST - Rollendruckpapier für Offset
LEIPA ultraPOST - Rollendruckpapier für Offset 80-90 g/m²
LEIPA ultraSKY 1,2 - Rollendruckpapier für Offset 80-90 g/m²
LEIPA ultraSKY Rollendruckpapier für Offset
LEIPA UltraSKY volume - Rollendruckpapier für Offset
LEIPA ultraSQUARE - Bogenoffsetpapier
LEIPA ultraSQUARE - Bogenoffsetpapier 70-90 g/m²
LEIPA ultraSquare Offsetdruck 35-75 g/qm
Norske Skog Golbey, France (2)
NorX - improved newsprint paper
NorX Plus - improved newsprint paper
Perlen Papier AG, Switzerland (6)
PerlenJoy 60 - hochglänzendes Zeitungsdruckpapier
PerlenJoy 70 - hochglänzendes ungestrichenes Druckpapier
Perlenpress CS - Zeitungsdruckpapier Standard
Perlenpress HS - Zeitungsdruckpapier Standard
PerlenSnowprint CS - aufgebessertes Zeitungsdruckpapier
PerlenSnowprint HS - aufgebessertes Zeitungsdruckpapier
Steinbeis Papier GmbH, Germany (6)
Charisma Semigloss, 51 g/m²
Steinbeis Charisma Brillant 57 - 90 g/m² - LWC-Papier für den Rollenoffsetdruck
Steinbeis Charisma Medium - LWC Papier für Rollenoffsetdruck
Steinbeis Charisma Silk, 51- 92 g/m² - LWC-Papier für den Rollenoffsetdruck
Steinbeis Charisma Silk, 57-90 g/m² -LWC-Papier für den Rollenoffsetdruck
Steinbeis Select Silk - LWC Papier für den Rollenoffsetdruck
Stora Enso Maxau GmbH, Germany (1)
EnviPress SC-B Tief- und Offsetdruck
Stora Enso Sachsen GmbH, Germany (2)
Flyo+ - geglättetes Zeitungsdruckpapier
FlyoPress - geglättetes Zeitungsdruckpapier
UPM GmbH, Werk Schongau, Germany (4)
UPM Eco blue - 72 G/H - SCB Tief- und Offsetdruck 01101005 + 01102005
UPM EcoBasic blue-72 H - Standard Zeitungsdruckpapier 01050505
UPM News blue-72 C - Standard Zeitungsdruckpapier 01050505
UPM ReCat SC-A Druckpapier SC-A Druckpapier
UPM Hürth Rhein Papier GmbH, Germany (3)
UPM EcoBasic blue-72 H - Zeitungsdruckpapier
UPM News blue-72 C - Zeitungsdruckpapier
UPM News WLO - Zeitungsdruckpapier
UPM-Ettringen, Germany (7)
UPM Eco blue-72 G - SC-B Tiefdruck 01101005
UPM Eco blue-72 H - SC-B Tiefdruck 01102005
UPM EcoBasic blue-72 G/H, 01050505 Zeitungsdruckpapier Standard
UPM EcoPrime 68 blue-72 G - Zeitungsdruckpapier aufgebessert 01051005
UPM EcoPrime 68 blue-72 H - Zeitungsdruckpapier aufgebessert 01051005
UPM News blue-72C, 01050505 Zeitungsdruckpapier Standard
UPM ReCat SC-A - Zeitungsdruckpapier
UPM-Kymmene Austria GmbH, Austria (6)
UPM Eco blue-72 G - On-line kalandriertes Papier SC-B
UPM Eco blue-72 H - On-line kalandriertes Papier SC-B
UPM EcoBasic blue-72 G - On-line kalandriertes Zeitungsdruckpapier
UPM EcoBasic blue-72 H - On-line kalandriertes Zeitungsdruckpapier
UPM News blue-72 C - On-line kalandriertes Zeitungsdruckpapier
UPM ReCat - Papier für Zeitungsbeilagen/Magazine