Recycled paper made from 100% waste paper is the most famous Blue Angel product. Yet the Blue Angel also provides ecological guidance when it comes to printing on the paper.

Protecting resources using recycled paper

Recycled paper is now almost as white as virgin fibre paper, does not block your photocopier and is suitable for almost every application whether for a printer or photocopier or as writing paper or kitchen rolls. The Blue Angel environmental label guarantees that 100% of the paper fibres are from recovered paper. This preserves our forests because it is not necessary to cut down any trees and ensures valuable habitats are retained for animals and plants. 100% recycled paper also has the edge when it comes to its environmental impact: the manufacturing process for these products saves around 70% of the water and 60% of the energy in comparison to virgin fibre paper. The Blue Angel ecolabel also guarantees that no harmful chemicals or optical brighteners are added during the production of the paper.

Environmentally friendly printing and printing services

If your printers and photocopiers have not been working correctly for a long time or have become very old then you can rely on the Blue Angel when making a new purchase. This is because the Blue Angel identifies office equipment that exhibit especially low emissions, are durable, have low energy consumption and possess a duplex unit for double-sided printing. And refillable toner modules holding the Blue Angel ecolabel offer a sensible alternative when replacing empty toner modules. This is because these modules have been reconditioned, reduce waste and preserve resources.

Yet those people who also want to produce flyers, catalogues, postcards and other items in large volumes can also receive guidance from the Blue Angel: Many printing companies offer particularly environmentally friendly printed matter that is not only made of 100% recycled paper but also produced with inks and varnishes low in harmful substances and using low emission adhesives. This means that the pollution caused by the waste paper is already reduced at the source.

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