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MATEO Packaging material from recycled plastic. Garbage bags from recycled plastic. Cover film from recycled plastic.

Product information of the company:

Mateo garbage bags made of recycled material:

We make bags from recycled material that we prepare ourselves.

Mateo is the largest cyclical recycler and manufacturer in the Czech Republic.

We produce bags in many color variants, we can also produce atypical colors.

We can offer many printing options - running printing, positional printing in several colors.

We produce drawstring sacks and folded interleaves sacks.

We also produce a wide range of overlay foils from recycled material:

foil covering

building foil

top sheets.

As part of a responsible approach to the environment, you can offer us your LDPE and LLDPE waste for recycling.


Brand: MATEO

Mateo Packing s.r.o.

Svažitá 73
25168 Sulice
Czech Republic
Ing. Flíčková Veronika