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König + Neurath JET.II task chair and countair chair in accordance with appendix

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 The JET.II swivel chair is one of our most popular products, which is due on the one hand to the two different seating concepts and on the other hand to the countless design options that the swivel chair family offers you: You can choose from a wide range of back or armrest versions, frame colours or covers here. The JET.II series also offers a counter chair: with our solution in the proven design, you can thus design all office areas in one style world and use the JET.II modular principle.


  • SYNCHRONIC MECHANICS: Comfortable seating concept with individual weight adjustment.
  • I-SEATING®-MECHANICS: Intuitive sitting thanks to automatic weight graduation - ideal for temporary workplaces.
  • NETZLORDOSE: Adjustable and supportive for the lumbar region.
  • POLSTERLORDOSE: Integrated in the backrest upholstery and infinitely adjustable. 
  • COUNTERCHAIR: Ideal for the reception area or on the exhibition stand.
  • DISTRIBUTABLE FULL CUSHION VARIANT: Equipped with special fabric cover, castors, base in chrome or polished aluminium and with dissipative technology.

Brand: König + Neurath

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