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hülsta/now! Hülstaflex wooden spring frames; series: Premium, comfort, Basic

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Sleep restfully, relax and feel how you are gently supported and beautifully pampered: A good day starts with a good night’s sleep. Enjoy the time you spent in bed, after all it is a third or our life. The hülsta sleeping system for your perfect designer bed combines clever functionality with heavenly comfort. You can be sure that everything is manufactured and checked to the highest German quality standards. In order to live up to our responsibility, we are committed to using materials that are as compatible as possible for people and the environment. Quality seals and certificates – including Blue Angel, Golden M, GS-sign, emissions label and ECO TEX standard – guarantee compliance with the strictest requirements.

What is a sleeping system?

People are very different and so are their sleeping requirements. hülsta sleeping systems make it easy for everyone to lie both perfectly relaxed and anatomically correct. Your body is supported where necessary, without limiting your freedom of movement. Our sleeping systems consist of base frames, mattresses, toppers and pillows, which can be combined to suit individual requirements. hülsta base frames give you the required support plus an unrivalled lying feeling. hülsta mattresses feature seven zones, to ensure softer or firmer support where needed. Your muscles can fully relax. Furthermore, healthy sleep requires a good climate. Climatic functionalities within mattresses, toppers and pillows ensure perfect moisture and heat regulation. You want to know what it really feels like to lie on a hülsta bed? You will feel it the next morning, when you wake up rested and in a good mood.

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