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Eco stretch

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Eco stretch foil different sizes and colour

TWPlast sp. z o.o. is involved in production of the LLDPE Eco stretch film. The main fields of application are manual or machine secondary packaging and forming logistic units.

Main parameters - formats are adopted to customers requirements in the order.

a) Foil thickness – from 15 μm to 40 μm

b) Parameters eco stretch foil:

- Width form 100 to 2000 mm and lengths from 100 to 10 000 mm

c) Colours depend of customers expectations.


1.      Our products are made of Post-consumer regranulate. The regranulate we purchase is certified by EuCertPlast – report of the EuCertPlast audit is enclosed

2.      The production of stretch foil uses fillers, masterbatches and additives – the MSDS/TDS cards enclosed

3.      The production of stretch foil uses pigments – the MSDS/TDS cards enclosed

4.      The final product was tested in laboratory and comply with the requirements – laboratory tests enclosed

Brand: Eco stretch

TW Plast sp. z.o.o.

ul. Pulawska 38
05-500 Piaseczno
Marcin Kopec