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ECO ECO-Line Abfallbehälter, Boxen, Tonne, Eimer und Körbe gemäß Anlage

Product information of the company:

Our eco products are especially resource-friendly since they are made from 100 percent recycling plastics. This so-called procyclen® is sourced from recycled packaging material and is free from contaminations with other synthetics. Thus, a keeeper product not only has a past life, but also a life hereafter, because the keeeper eco line is resource-friendly in two senses: Not only is it produced sustainably, but also discarded and recycled in the same way. After ten years at the earliest - you have our word on that.

Brand: ECO

Logo keeeper GmbH

keeeper GmbH

Postdamm 43
32351 Stemwede
Dr. Uwe Pogodda